Lost Ark: These are the worst narrative arcs of the game, with some surprising results

Lost Ark has already been available in Europe and America for several weeks, and some players have already been able to access a good part of the accessible content in the game, including that of Tier 3 , allowing them at the same time discovering every narrative arc offered in each region. But what is the worst about them? This is what you try to detect a recent survey published in Reddit, and results (Multiple Option) are amazing at least!

We try to analyze all this according to our own opinion of each of the zones, but also the impressions collected from certain players.

Fente: reddit

ROHENDEL AND SILENCER: Oscar Honorary Disappointment

If we have to give credit to this survey to which 810 alleged players answered, are the rhehendel followed very closely by the Silensierra who earn the gold medal to the less appreciated narrative arches of Lost Ark.

The story of the Silensaw may seem quite abstract and “useless” in the eyes of many players who do not necessarily have all the notions of the game Lore, we do not regain a fragment of the ark and the story that takes place there. It is counted may seem very anecdotal. This is also the only region that players can completely avoid if they want thanks to the first rapid growth they obtain in Bern-Nord, which reinforces this feeling that it is a “useless” region.

However, the fact that Rohendel is in pole position is very surprising at first sight. In fact, it is the native region of the Sylvain, but also the place protected by the old sacred ELZOWIN tree. The region is also governed by the amazing Inanna Queen. A queen with a terrible secret since the soul of the late sister of her, azenna, lives in the same body as she and, sometimes, takes the place of her to interact with the world of living.

But the Rohendel region is also the point of entry to the highest level and is this region that players must constantly redo after each new character created. Undoubtedly, it is this feeling of repetition that has tired many players more than the story itself, and it would have been interesting to pick up their “cold” opinion, once each area is completed to prevail the will.

Bern and Lutéran: For love of banalities

As for the most popular regions, again according to this same survey, we find Bern followed closely by Lutéran. And again, it’s quite surprising… or not so much really!

What seems to be a great love for Luteran probably is not justified by its history, but because of the fact that it is one of the first regions that the player finds when putting a foot in the game. Discover the sumptuous scenarios offered by Lost Ark, The first commanders of the Legion, as well as the basic concepts of the plot that serve as a conductive thread in the game.

Although the story may seem at first sight and a very “banal” retrospective, we are talking here of humans who represent “the good” against demons that embody “evil”, the happiness of the discovery very probably help to appreciate despite everything this. New Korean universe and its very different way of telling stories compared to Western publishers already known by the European and American public.

Why Players Are Quitting LOST ARK
On the Bern side, the love of the players for it could be explained by the opposite phenomenon of the Silensierra: it is obligatorily, it is one of the regions where the player finds one of the 7 fragments of the lost ark. She has really the feeling of having advanced once the area is finished. Better yet: You can avoid it in the future thanks to the Growth Express that allows you to get directly at Rohendel’s coasts. In the end, the player retains a pretty good memory of him, even if he has sent it!

arches of the story overexteded

In addition to the Lutéran, whose interest is probably explained by the joy of discovery, it is easy to note that the least appreciated areas seem to be generally those in which the player spends longer during his progress.

While Roendel is the mandatory point of passage for all secondary characters, the Artheline is a rare heaviness from the first minutes of the game. The deserts rarely appreciate, and while one does not necessarily adhere to the little “mechanical” travel offered by the area, we quickly found ourselves by cutting our game sessions in quarters of the game since the area seems endless.

On the side of Yorn and Feiton, things are more complex since it is a painful passage for many Western players.
This is actually the period in which many were trapped cultivating incessantly waiting in vain to reach the level of element 1100. This is undoubtedly the longest phase of the game, and there is no doubt that this more than the history of the
Areas in question could disappoint, and even dislike.
, more than one.
And that is understandable!
Finally, it would have been interesting to have the opinion of the players about Tortoyk.
The fact that Mokokos and other very “beautiful” and “absurd” elements of the universe of Lost Ark are perceived by some as “damaging immersion in the history of the game” would have been interesting to measure in accordance with this survey.

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