Com2us, Baseball Game Project Appropriate Tips for Applicants

Com2us (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee) revealed Q & A with the recruitment tips written by the current and greeting officer in relation to large recruition of baseball games.

Com2u is currently recruiting talented to lead its popular baseball game lineup such as traditional baseball game new Com2S professional baseball game new Com2s professional baseball V22 (compute V22) and existing popular works. In particular, since the release of the B22, which is the first place of the two app market sports, it will be a combination of two digits, including developers and business PMs, for a total of 8 business PMs.

MLB 9 Innings 19 League Mode for Beginners

Com2us revealed Q & A content through recruitment blogs to solve the questions of volunteers to adopt the baseball game project. Q & A consists of a variety of information, including job-specific application writing tips, recruitment schedules, and application writing know-how.

“For developers, a portfolio, which contains the development of the development of the developer, and the planner, the planner, is different, such as the high-rise in baseball, each,” said the strengths, respectively, ” I would like to write an application. “Tip said.

In addition, Q & A also contains information about organizations and tasks that will be accompanied by project batch criteria, project organizational configuration, and atmosphere, and will be useful for volunteers.

The acceptance of this employment will proceed to 11:00 pm on April 17th, and the 1: 1 consultation with the personnel representative during the recruitment period is operating. Applicants can inquire about the questions related to recruitment after registration of KakaoTalk ID (@ Com2us).

Com2us has also provided an outdoor recommendation system for this baseball project recruitment. Even if you are not a Com2us employees, you can recommend talented talent for your duties through your outdoor recommendation page, and when recruitment is successful, the recommendation receives a 100 million won compensation.

Meanwhile, Com2us has been a large update of the existing real baseball game as well as the launch of the new compute V22, as well as the launch of the existing real baseball game as well as the existing real baseball game. In particular, the compute V22 is a highly assessed in the side of the game property, such as a vibrant graphic, convenient operation, and is recorded in the top of the two app market sports and the top of the market.

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