“Monghan Rise: Sunbraek” new “My House” is announced! While mood, “Pirates of / Hidth Libians”

Hunting ACT for Nintendose switch / Steam ACT “ Monster Hunterization: Sun Break ” has been released “My House” of Ergado.

In the world perspective, it is a hunter’s home, systematically, a gallery elementary My House that enjoys the image of the image you saw once, the interior remediation. Elgado is not a dedicated house, but it is provided to the rear rooms of the “Survey Sailboat” that are anchored.

This time, the interior is released in the official Twitter information outgoing content “new and picture-viewing”. Disney’s big hit movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”, etc. It is a characteristic design unique to the ship room.

It is also possible to confirm the “photo-standing using screenshot” that could be placed in “Rise”. Also, it will also be out of My House to the back deck. Since the door can be seen in the back, it is in communication with the outside.

In addition, “new monster copper statue” and “Ergado-free wall-mounted” added to the substitute for remodeling. In addition, “Mysterious Information House Fu Kashigi”, who loved the My House of the village of Kamura, is also coming… It is likely to listen to “back information” that is also anxious in this work.

Super large extended content “Sunbrae” of “Monster Hunterization” is scheduled to be released on June 30, 2022.

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