Red-white Erfurt shoots in the direction of Regionalliga

Before the long Easter weekend, the FC Red-white Erfurt has recalled his fans with a home win, which the Thuringian brings a big piece to the rise, because at the same time the VFC Plauen had played only 2: 2 at Unit Rudolstadt.

FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt gewinnt Oberliga-Spitzenspiel beim VFC Plauen | Sport im Osten | MDR
In Erfurt came on Thursday 1791 fans, the allermagen kept it with the red-white and thus came full at their expense. In the 3rd minute, Mergel headed his head on Hajrulla, which enforced. Also in the 10th minute, Mergel and Hajrulla were in the middle of it: a great combination ended at the end of Tavares, who met for 2: 0. Not even 180 seconds later it was 3: 0, again Tavares was the scorer. In the minutes 22, 32 and 43 Mergel conjured a hat trick on the lawn. His 4-0 headed Tavares with beautiful patch, then overpassed Hajrulla BFV-Keeper Kycek and Mergel had to hold the head just before the line, and at the gate to the 6: 0 pause level, the Goalgetter used a rebound with a powerful shot in The angle.

Everything did not work this evening, in the 55th minute, Kycek parried a sideways from Mergel. But Erfurt has felt, oppressively superior householders sat down with all field players in the Bishopsyer half. In the 67th minute that fell 7: 0, Woivod brought the head to the ball after a long cross. It was the pure recklessness of the safe victory in mind, which drove the substitute Manu in the 73rd minute in a unnecessary ball loss? You will not find out completely, at least Schiemann used the error to 1: 7. But already four pointer turns later, the Erfurt world was okay again, Nsimba met from the climb to the 8: 1 final score.

For Plauen the morale is right

On the other hand, VfC Plauen must take a backlog and a game more slowly but certainly from his regional league dreams. The 2: 2 in Rudolstadt was the second draw in a row. At least the moral voted in the Vogtläder, however, because the FC unit went through Bahner (1) and Schlegel (27th) twice in the lead, but the VFC always had an answer, only in the 22nd minute by Fischer and later in the 67. Minute by Grandner. Plauen was still disappointed after closing whistle to have no longer challenged against robust hosts. Above all, the first pass was too little for a championship candidate. Trainer Robert Fischer said after playing: “After halftime, we got out with more momentum. We wanted to compensate. We played further on victory. That did not serve today.”

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