FC Bayern: offspring

After the descent from the 3rd league, the U23 of FC Bayern wants to return directly to the third highest German play class. In the Regionalliga Bayern, the Munich currently occupy only two, whopping eight points behind the SPVGG Bayreuth – a circumstance that makes the planning for the coming season extremely difficult.

“The experience of recent years – ascent, master, descent and now Regionalliga – has led us to best set ourselves on both scenarios,” said young boss Jochen mad in an interview with the “kicker”.

The 3rd league is so strong and tight, “that you can not guarantee with a U23, even as a master for the next five years in this league plan”.

Sauer continued to explain, “If we do not ascend, for the guys who were already in the 3rd league and have now made 30 games in the Regionalliga, just the next step come, especially at the older vintages.”

Problematic are mainly departures of service providers. “If you are a good season as U23, as we do in our champion season, then automatically succumbed to a loss of substance, from which you can not guarantee that you can always catch it completely adequately when you put in first and foremost on young players I want, “went forward.

Praise for the competition of FC Bayern

Therefore, on the Säbener Straße on many young, talented players who are to get used to the seniors football, and the regional league should use to get better.

Even if the ascent this season is unlikely in the face of Bayreuth, Sauer praised the team in highest sounds.

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“The team plays good football and despite the currently relatively large residue on Bayreuth a dot yield, which would have been enough for space in most other seasons,” said the 49-year-old: “So if it should not be enough this season in the end, then it was mainly due to a very strong counterparty and not because we would have played a bad season. “

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