GTA Online is for me as newcomers hell

In the hope of making some money at least with my weapons, I went back to my bunker. With goods worth $ 200,000, I was disassembled after a kilometer from another player in a fight helicopter. The money? Gone! I cured so loud that my cats fled quickly from the scratching tree and I could curl them under the bed against evening.

Reddit is not a substitute for a tutorial

GTA Online has to offer from great staged predators across various criminal careers to illegal road races with armed supercars a lot. But just new players are hardly around a visit to Reddit or YouTube, if you want to get to know all facets.

Only in this way, for example, I learned how to manipulate the network settings of my PlayStation to create a private session in which I get rid of my goods from the bunker, without me being hunted directly from my players’ inside through Los Santos. Or even basic knowledge, as I sell stolen cars.

Unfortunately, initiator-friendliness is not GTA onlines only problem, which sometimes spins a fan of Sauer. The new subscription service from Rockstar is also not good at:

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GTA online fans are stinksauer on rock star and call to the boycott of GTA +



Unfortunately, GTA online shares the fate of many long-running online games, such as Final Fantasy 14 or other MMOS. There are more and more content to provide existing players with new food. But often the experience of Newlingen suffers from a mountain in content without taking into account the introduction of the game.

Here, a few additional tutorials, introductory missions and a staggered activation of content could help massively. An alternative would be beginner lobbies in which low-stage players can explore the world first a little world without being bombarded directly by helicopters.

Here again the trailer for the next gene version of GTA Online:

Because persevering is worth it. After I desired through the initial chaos, a lot of fun came up. Now I heat in a heavily armed sports car through the area, rope with my players * inside casinos and my arms deliveries I organize from an armored truck. GTA Online trumps first properly when players use everything that has to offer. And then it feels like a baffle-filled toy box, only with significant more explosions. Not for nothing is the game for years one of the most popular multiplayer games.

What are your experiences with GTA online?

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