PS5 & PS4: New firmwares now for download – Updates 22.01

Sony provides new updates for PS5 and PS4 as download . On PlayStation 5, you immediately receive access to the firmware 22.01-05.02 \ – the update is available for download via the usual ways. In the near future, the firmware should also be provided via the support area of the PlayStation website, which allows you to play the file via an external disk on the console. However, many changes and innovations are not expected. The Patch Notes shows that, above all, performance improvements and system optimizations are made. There are apparently also “smaller changes”.

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New firmwares, what is changing?

New PS5 Update Improves Performance Version 22.01-05.00.00 Firmware ???? PlayStation 5 News 2022

On which screws Sony turns here concretely, the changelog can not be taken. The same applies to the patch notes for PS4 update 9.51 , which was also rolled out today as a download. Again, Sony calls only performance optimizations and improvements in system stability. Users remain unclear what is changing exactly.

In the foreground, therefore, only smaller corrections that have crept in with the larger updates, the Sony recently published for the two consoles. On PS5 (Buy Now 890,00 €), among other things, improvements in the user interface for the Game Base and Trophy Cards. In addition, open and closed parties have been created on PS5 and PS4 consoles since then.

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