GTA: Rockstars new payment

Grand Theft Auto 5 appeared in 2013 and could spend players worldwide. But sometime the splendor fades, only rock star does not want to see that. On the contrary, the Open World game scholar shows how no matter your fans are meanwhile, and introduces a three-speed payment subscription for GTA online. GTA + is a low point for rock star! A comment.

rock star changes to the dark side

Lastly, another large game brand attempted to a subscription model: Fallout – more precisely Fallout 76. Online game made a lot of impression on the launch and long, moreover due to fieser bugs, a miserable technical condition and missing nuclear features. But Bethesda thought it would certainly be a good idea to supplement his fresh disaster game (in every way) with a subscription service and moon prices like 120 euros per year. (Source: Bethesda)

Rockstars subscription for GTA online is not so expensive. GTA + costs namely nur six euros a month and can be terminated at any time. Currently it is only available for the Next-Gen consoles. PS5 players are allowed to be happy: After downloading GTA online for PlayStation 5, you can invest the saved money in Rockstars useless Abodervice. (Source: PlayStation Blog)

Am I too cynical or looks the reality as well? And how could the coming years look like when no one discusses more about NFTs, but about abomotelles in full price games ? For this it must not come at all – and GTA + is the proof.

GTA +: Here you invest your money wrong

Rockstar Games Is Giving FREE Money To ALL Players In GTA 5 Online Who Do This ONE Simple Thing!

Let’s take a close look in GTA +. From the 29th of March to the 27th of April, you can ask you as a subscription customer, “Why did I do that?” And on the other hand, you can include the following in-game-Kram:

  • 500,000 GTA dollars…

… with which you can not even buy a good body , as they are now several million costs. After all, you will receive:

  • the sports car Principe Deveste Eight
  • The Auto Repair La Mesa
  • A decree of the membership fee in the LS CAR Meet

  • as a yacht owner upgrade to the aquarius superyacht
  • Further crimson and various bonuses

Of course may not be missing the Fomo element **, because there are also membership advantages that you need to secure yourself in good time before they expire.

The best is still: As a subscription customer, you can also buy Special CashCards in each store, which include an additional money bonus. (Source: Rockstar Games) Jap, you pay for a service that allows you to make special microstransaktions that stand out from the usual microtransaktions. If you suddenly perceive a distant, unknown noise, this is the monetary machine in the Rockstar headquarters, which just get in ride.

Nobody wants your subscription, rock star!

What Rockstar Games and the parent company Take-Two Interactive have delivered in the last few weeks and months, I would describe as a kind of guidance: How to lose your reputation in a few steps.

With the GTA Trilogy, Rockstar has not done a favor. For the launch tormented the game countless bugs and fans crashed the game mercilessly.

With Grand Theft Auto 5 for Next-Gen consoles, the next fiasco followed, because that cuts out badly on Metacritic colossal. Above all, the fact that except for three new graphics modes , which make a nearly ten-year-old game not much better look, further improvements and innovations from the version for PS4 and Xbox One missing.

But that’s not quite true: because GTA 5 for PS5 and Xbox Series X now offers a payment subscription for online mode. But the best is: on PS5 and Xbox Series X you already pay a certain sum, to use online services . And here comes Rockstar and would like to sell GTA + as a great deal? First let it sack.

Fans of GTA online are at least stinks. And so angry that one had started several protests against the cheeky subscription. On Reddit, heaps of players have joined together and called not to play GTA online .

So they wanted to show rock star how little they hold of GTA +. Whether similar actions will follow? I can only hope. Both posts have gotten over 20,000 upvotes ** and give me a smile.

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