Rogelike ACT “GUILT: THE DEATHLESS” to share other players and the world Early access date start date!

Developer Outer Brain Studios announced that the Dark Fantasy Log Like Action “ GUILT: The Deathless ” inspired by the Slab’s private sector is announced that it will conduct earlier access from April 28th.

This work to challenge the adventure to save the devil’s power entrusted to the Last of the Great Magician and save the devastated kingdom. The world map is shared with all players, and it is possible to help other players with the release of shortcuts and sharing booty, and construction of the altar. The dungeon generated in the procedure expands real-time freeform combat.

  • Support for controller.

  • A unique gameplay mechanism that survives longer the sense of guilt is a unique game play mechanism (if you pick up the remnants of other players’ bootrains, guilt will increase.

  • Processor generation level of nonlinear world map and various landscapes.

  • Original works that combine Rogeli Quick and Share World Adventure.

  • Help or disturb other players in the release of shortcuts, share of booty, construction of altars, etc.

Early access version “GUILT: THE DEATHLESS” will be delivered at $ 17.99 at STeam. It is said that 10% off is applied for the first week.

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