Where to find the island of a little good luck in Lost Ark

In the “Lost Ark” there were a lot of islands that it was necessary to open and explore, including the island of a little good luck. This island is north of Eastern Lomerers and south of the Northern Right. This is a tiny island, which is always available.

Guide on the island of Little Good luck in Lost Ark

The little island of good luck is a small island, which is only a rock with several trees in the ocean. There is nothing to do here, since there are no mococo seeds, quests or monsters. In fact, the only thing that is on the island is NPC named Erin , which appears in the schedule. This NPC is how you get Luck Luck Island Gold .

how to get the island of a little good luck in Lost Ark

To get a little good luck to the island tokens in Lost Ark, you must buy a little luck cheese in Erin . It costs 100 pirate coins and contains a chance to get a little good luck to the island. Unfortunately, it is based on HSH, therefore, several chests may be required to obtain a token.

Erin is not always there on the island. This NPC will appear every two hours and stay on the island only ten minutes away . The time interval depends on what server you are, so you may have to wait some time before Erin appears. When Erin appears, you can buy so many chests with small luck as you want, so keep buying them until you get the island token little luck in the lost ark.

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