Overwatch 2: Details for revising Doomfist and Orisa

On April 26, a closed beta of Owatch 2 starts for a fine circle of chosen fans, in which the chosen players have the opportunity to test 4 new cards, 4 revised heroes and a new heroine called Soy pre-test. But before the start of the beta there is details about the revisions at two of the already known heroes, Doomfist and Orisa.

The changes to Doomfist are lower than those of Orisa, but are not insignificant. Doomfist is now put more in the role of a tanker by receiving a HP increase and the ability to block damage. His new basic HP are now at 450 and with the ability Power Block he can harm damage and thus increase the damage of his rocket punch. The Rocket Punch recently requires one second to fully charging and directs 15-30 directly damage and 20-40 wall damage. The block strengthened version even aligns even more damage, is faster and has increased range.

His Uppercut had to soft and the seismic slam now causes damage and decelerates opponents at land. The Meteor Strike now needs less time to capitalize and slows all the opponents that are hit, but at the expense of damage from the outer ring , which is only at 100-15 .

Doomfist TANK ABILITIES and Orisa Rework Details! - Overwatch 2

As announced, the changes to Orisa fall out of far-reaching. Orisa now leads a spear , which brings its various benefits. She can stun opponents and throw back opponents, whirling him to ward out projectiles and push back opponents or trigger their new superattacke named Terra Surge . Terra Surge Activates Fortify, attracts opponents and starts a large-scale attack. Fortify was also revised and now donated 125 additional HP for a certain time, reduces the heat development of its primary weapon by 50% and slows orisa by 20% . The Prima Weapon runs, as you certainly have already read just with conventional ammunition, but about an overheating mechanism and fires large projectiles that become smaller over time.

Of course, all these benefits are not free. Orisa loses the skills protective barrier, stop! And supercharger for the price of your spear. More information is expected to give it during the beta, then the curiosity will definitely be satisfied with the changes to bastion and sombra .

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