Eintracht Trier to fine after fan

As the SV Eintracht Terrier announced on Friday afternoon, the saying chamber in Saarbr├╝cken has convicted the top leagues into a fine in the four-digit area. Reason for this are riots during the top game at Wormatia Worms, with physical disputes of people from the Trierer guest block and the home area.

Eintracht Trier - Diefflen 3:1 - Stimmen von Linus Wimmer, Felix Fischer, Josef Cinar, Thomas Hofer
In addition to a renewed penalty, the club at the next misconduct of his followers also threaten harder penalties – such as a ghost game or even a dot deduction.

In his press release, the SVE expressly dissociates itself from “violent persons who commit for a football match offenses” and would damage the club. The misconduct of individual persons pity the association massively – financially and in the external representation. “We can not tolerate that anymore. Eintracht Trier appeals to all stadium visitors, atmospheric, but peaceful to behave and clearly distance themselves from criminal rule violations.”

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