BJ Kevin UP Will CBO speaks about Africa TV

Africa TV broadcasts 6:00 am on the 22nd of the evening, the game, E Sports Web Performance ‘Game Appendix’ 6.

Game Appendix is african TV subsidiary pre-beans and Ikorumus platform Timon, green snake media related aurororami. Kim Hee-cheol, Seung Seung Heung Caster, Gaming, and a game of Youtuberg Kim, a journalist,

Game Appendix 6 shows the CBO (Chief BJ Office) and BJ Terminal (Chief BJ Officer) and BJ Terminal in the Gesture. Through this, we share a variety of stories on the theme of African TV, such as why Africa TV opens up the E-Sports Competition.

Big Brother Africa IV Winner Kevin From Nigeria Wins 200,000$

Freerea Terrin, “said,” I am going to cover a wide range of games related to games and e-sports, and I am going to cover a wide range of games, e-sports related topics, which I was wondering about the industry’s non-Hind story, which I had not easily accessed by gamers. ” Starting a commerce expansion of content IP, such as live commerce, which was shown through 5,, we will continue to expand the area of the game appendix, continue to expand on a variety of fields. “

For more information, see African TV Games Appendix can be found in official stations.

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