Valorant – All details of Fade: Unique video and mechanical skills of the new agent

As much as a new character of valorant is filtered before time, its presentation will always be a very special moment for the Riot Games Tactical Shooter community. We already knew that Fade was about to reach the game and we even had an advance of their skills thanks to the ‘Leaks’. However, there is nothing like seeing it in action and that is precisely what developers have shown us. On the occasion of the end of the Valorant Masters of Reykjavik 2022 , we have been able to know all its details.

Detail skills and video of Fade


Next, we review all the skills of the new agent. You must know that the leaks had been successful with respect to the general descriptions of it. However, we have now been able to try it and see them on video. In this way, there are a few additional data as the price of each one or the maximum loads that we can accumulate. Let’s take a look…

trace, the unique fade mechanics

The Fade Skills Kit must be addressed an additional goodness that until now did not exist in Valorant. Many of the champion skills apply a secondary effect that Riot Games has called a trace. This single mechanics are activated by the use of the final or E (torment). Its effect is create several indicators on the ground that lead us to the enemy’s position .

The indicators connect several key points from the area where the ability was launched until the current location of the rival and reveal what angles we must review. In addition, interactually perfectly with the c (stalker) that is capable of following the trace of a rival to exploit before him and reduce his vision. In addition, a trace can be applied on as many enemies as we have achieved with the skills, and may come to betray the whole team.

Riot Games talks about Fade

Riot Games has taken advantage of the presentation of the new character to talk about her most interesting aspects and reveal a few curiosities. The developers of Valorant commented that they had a lot of desire to include a Sova competitor who could change the way we interpret the detection of enemies. They also wanted it to be a much more personal character. Therefore, although she has functions similar to Sova, we can Fade is very powerful when it comes to reviewing concrete zones and not so much controlling the map in full.

These characteristics gave rise to an interesting decision. When we read the description the c (capture) of Fade, we are coming to the Skye head. However, from Riot Games considered that the new agent could not absent from the play to control an animal and that this should be a companion who made us better hunters. Thus, This skill is inspired by the GEAR SOLID 5 metal dog and is launched in a similar way to Jett’s fumes, with the difference that she can engage directly at the traces of the rival.

The dream play for the developers of Valorant is to detect an enemy with torment, lock him up with rushing and ending him. It is a fairly simple movement, but which contains infinity of variants that the creators themselves were able to experiment during their development process. As a final curious note, add that the ability to enclose rivals is a full adaptation of the Ultimatum Hextech of Camille **, League of Legends champion.

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