Hoyo bus, recruitment of the new Collapse: Star Rail 2nd CBT participants

Global Interactive Entertainment Brand Hoyoverse announced on the 28th that it will recruit applicants ahead of the second CBT (Closed Beta Test) of the new ‘Collapse: Star Rail’.

‘Collapse: Star Rail’ is the latest film of its representative IP ‘Collapse’ series, and is being prepared to test on PC and mobile (iOS, Android) platform. Currently, CBT participants are being recruited through the official website.

NEW Honkai: Star Rail CBT Trailer!

‘Collapse: Star Rail’ is a turn -based combat system that can feel friendly, and various contents such as vast maps, labyrinth exploration, and mystery are provided with exciting battles as well as fulfillment.

In particular, the unknown space science science world melts the elements of myths and legends throughout the game, adding immersion, and the player can enjoy the thrilling adventure by traveling through the galaxy train.

In the galaxy, the background of the game, there is a freely traveling ‘world’ called ‘Aans’, and ‘Aans’ chooses their own ways to pursue different beliefs. Among them, ‘Aenz’ of ‘Doom’ is regarded as an error in the universe and a civilization as a cancer, and sprinkles the seed of the seed of the disaster in the galaxy. Unexpectedly, the protagonist, who has a ‘Stellaron’ in his body, begins his journey with a galaxy train with a group of travelers who have inherited the will of ‘pioneering’.

At the same time, it can be reunited with the long characters of the ‘collapse’ series such as Murata Himeko, and together with the stellaron conflict, and can dig hidden secrets, attracting fans’ interest.

For more information about ‘collapse: Star Rail’, please visit the official website, the official cafe, the official Twitter, the official YouTube community, and the official Facebook.

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