How to farm fuel in Trigon: Space Story

Making fuel in Trigon: Space Story is quite simple if you know what to do. There are ways to get 3 fuels for each spent 1 fuel, but remember that it works only if you have a good weapon. You must also be in order with a high award.

How to get a lot of fuel in Trigon: Space Story


Firstly, you need to fly and contact the pirates whenever you can. You can openly attack them, prevent them from raining up at the station or looking for red skulls on the map and kill them. In the end, they will begin to attack you, which will give you more chances to increase the award.

As soon as your award reaches 4.0, you will receive a pirate every time you leave the system. Each pirate ship has at least 2-3 fuels that can be obtained after winning the battle. Keep your award between 4.0 and 7.0, and it will not be difficult to win pirates, so just continue to fly near the station and kill pirates.

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