CO -OP compatible RTS “Fantasy Strategy Record -The Touhou Empires

NEETPIA has released the Steam store page of the CO -OP compatible real -time strategy simulation “ Fantasy Strategy Record -The Touhou Empires- “.

This work is a NEETPIA secondary creation title by NEETPIA, which developed “ Gensokyo Defenders ” and “ Touhou Kizu Feast “. RTS (real -time strategy simulation) that leads the Touhou Project characters and fairies with various abilities. The player will complete the mission in response to the changing situation.

The flow of the game will collect resources from the map, build a building, and expand the territory. Then, organize the army, advance, fight with the enemy, and achieve the mission. The deciding factor of the game is in “ Spell Card “, so let’s maximize the abilities of each character and proceed with the battle. In addition, this work also supports story mode and online co-op play that can be played by up to 6 people.

The new Touhou fan game “Fantasy Strategy Record -The Touhou Empires-” will be released in 2022 for PC (Steam). The official date and time is unknown.

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