Fortnite can now be played for free on iOS devices thanks to Xbox

Fortnite once again can be reproduced on iOS devices, although not in the way many would expect. Xbox announced today that through Xbox Cloud Gaming, fortnite you can play on iOS devices or on a PC using a web browser. What is more, is that this method of playing Fortnite through Xbox Cloud Gaming is free, which means that it does not need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership to use this service.

To start playing Fortnite In this way, all you need is a Microsoft account and an iOS device, an Android device or a Windows PC that can connect to the Internet. Use that account for firm here and you can start playing Fortnite immediately. Admit tactile controls and controllers where you are compatible if you choose to play on a mobile device.

«As part of our mission of bringing the joy and community of games to players wherever they are and make games more accessible to people around the world, I am pleased to announce that we have partnered with Epic Games to make Fortnite Available on devices compatible with browser for free with Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) in 26 countries, ”said Catalina Glucksteinel Vice President and Product Chief of Xbox Cloud Gaming.

This provides another indirect way of playing Fortnite on an iOS device after Apple’s decision to eliminate the game from your app store after Epic Games implemented alternative payment options for V-Bucks. The NVIDIA GeForce Now application previously offered a similar option for those looking to play Fortnite on devices through cloud games.

Xbox Gluckstein concluded the announcement by suggesting that more free games will follow this cloud game route. Fortnite Taken.

“It is an important step to add a free-to-play title to the cloud games catalog as we continue our cloud trip,” Gluckstein said. «We are starting with Fortnite and will seek to bring more free-to-play games than people love in the future. In Xbox we want the games to be accessible to the 3000 million players around the world, and the cloud has an important role in that mission. Simply, we want you to have more options both in the games you play and in the way you choose to play them ».

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