Unitled Goose Game: how to drop the bucket on the strong man

When you finish a majority of tasks in the advertisement of jeu of goose without title you will need to knock the bucket on the head of the strong man. The strong is the guy who keeps the entrance. If he sees you one day, he will strategically chase you out of advertising and push you back in the street, forcing you to sneak inside. Here’s how you suck him and put the bucket on his head.

Put the bucket on Burly Man’s head in the game Unitled Goose

The bucket is at the back of the ad. The strong man is held at the entrance, on the other side of the pub. The big problem is to bring it in the back because it has no reason to do it. Whenever you draw his attention and go away stealthily, he will return to the entrance and conscientiously keep the premises. However, there is an important clue to his weakness right next to him: tomatoes.

You will notice that there are three different tomato cases in the pub. There is one at the entrance, in the middle, and the rear just under the bucket. You want to drag the man to the tomatoes under the bucket. To do this, fly a tomato in one of the three boxes and place it near the door on the back.

When your tomato is in position, go back to the front and hide to our strong friend. You will draw his attention and he will hunt you. Bring it to the back and hide under the porch leading to the back. He will stop looking for you and instead of looking at the tomato you left.

How to drop a bucket on the burly man's head in Untitled Goose Game

If you position yourself in the right place, it will go back and will have to place it in the large tomato box. When it does, rushes towards the upper part of the ad and rushes towards the bucket. If you do it quickly enough, you will drop the bucket on its head. You should go to the next area after landing.

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