Call of Duty players: Warzone get some Godzilla content before

The promise of Call of Duty of content of Godzilla and Kong in zona de Guerra and Vanguardia has been partially fulfilled before planned and the games obtained at least one cosmetics package before planned. Activision announced this week that the Tracer Pack package: Godzilla Reactive Mastercraft was launched before and is now available to buy in the game. The rest of the content of Godzilla and Kong is still expected to arrive on May 11.

Warzone Godzilla VS Kong Event NEW Gameplay Trailer - Operation Monarch Event! (Warzone & Vanguard)

The tracer pack in question was one of several parts of the monarch operation that was detailed not long ago in the patch notes for the associated update of the game. This cosmetic package comes with the Godzilla Mask Ghillie Shigenori, the plane of the Godzilla’s Breath Rifle, the Awakened Alpha LMG plane, the most prominent aspects of Big Mistake MVP, the final movement Gojira Stomp Operator, the Godzilla Heat Ray emblem, the Spray Titan Destruction, the legendary Beast Spray and the Visiting Card of the Earth Protector.

All that comes in a package that costs 2400 COD points, which is equivalent to a little more than $ 20, and can see the cosmetics included in the set in the video below that shared the announcement on the early launch of the equipment.

While the Godzilla package was launched before, Kong’s package is not yet. That comes with a similar set of cosmetics that includes a Wade mask to turn the operator into Kong along with some weapons and more planes. We have not yet seen that available since Godzilla launched unexpectedly earlier than expected, so there is more to come.

For those least interested in the masks and more interested in how the Operation Monarch _zona de Guerra will affect, we will soon discover more about that too. Activision and Raven Software made fun of this week that it will have the two massive monsters with a new game mode, although players only had a preview of more information that will be revealed at a later date.

“Operation Monarch, a special time for a limited time that presents the iconic Titans of the Monsterverse: Godzilla and Kong, will present a new game mode for quads inspired by several of warfares of war The new operation. «The monarch operation will be launched at 9 a.m. PT on May 11. There will soon be more information ».

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