The ninth season of The Division 2 called Hidden Alliance is announced

Ubisoft’s studio announced the ninth season of the 3rd person’s shooter updates The Division 2 . With the release of the update in the game, a new combat pass will appear, the main goal and many other content.

In addition to a pile of cosmetics, which we can get for pumping levels, Captain Willians, who leads the “True Sons” group and will become our priority purpose in The Division 2. In addition to it, the project will appear in the project “Foundation”, in which two teams of players of 4 people in each need to interfere with the power output. In the process, various enemies and random events will interfere with you.

Season 9 Hidden Alliance Overview Trailer : Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 - WONY | Ubisoft [NA]
In the near future, The Division 2 fans will also please:

  • “Expertise” – a new mechanics that will improve the characteristics of objects to the maximum;
  • Exotic guns and armor sets;
  • New personalized weapons, etc.

As for the previously promised processing of specializations, they will not yet, since the developers want to take more time to polish all gameplay aspects.

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