Dungeons & Dragons documentary is announced

A new documentary about Calabozos and Dragones is currently in production. XTR has announced role -players,a new “definitive” documentary about the popular role -playing game. Details aboutRole_ Jughers are scarce, but the documentary will include file images never seen and interviews with several famous D&D players. The official description of the documentary says:Role_ Jugators will tell the complete story of _calabozos and dragons,from the history of the origin of the game to the devotion of cult of its players, exploring the power to live in a fantasy world can have in the human connection of real life. A launch date for role -players has not been announced,xtr has not said how the film will be released. Wizards of the Coast and its Matrix Hasbro company do not participate in the production of the film.

“Through its different levels, times, adventures and possibilities, d & d created its own universe and community,” said XTR Development Chief Justin Lacob, in a press release announced by the documentary, “capturing the imagination of the imagination of The players, misfit, geniuses and rebels, and had a lasting impact on culture and our lives outside the game..

“As a director, I am excited to tell the story of _d & d_que in essence it is about the true power to learn to work as a team, consume and create inclusive narratives,” added director Morgan Jon Fox. “There is nothing more exciting than a game than a game legendary who jumped to fame with a little help from the time. of satanic panic ยป.

The Dungeons & Dragons experience Full Movie

Xtr is better known for his Oscar -nominated documentary _ascension,and for his new Apple+ _me series they call magic._tr is also working on another documentary about collectible letters, as well as in a documentary film about the infamous television psychic Miss Cleo.

This is the second documentary based on D&D published in recent years, after the viewer’s ojo,that focused on the work of art of _calabozos and dragons.

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