Dead by Daylight: Explanation

DEAD by Daylight has a unique Mori system in which the killers viciously kill the survivors who, otherwise, would have died on the hook. The finisher of Mori is a change in this system that becomes accessible when only one survivor remains. That’s all players need to know about Finisher Mori.

how the finisher of Mori works

Since there is one surviving the rest, killers will be able to fulfill finisher Mori . This is a unique Mori, which will work automatically as soon as the killer puts the last survivor in dying condition . Then, both the killer and the survivor will be transferred to another place on the map, and Mori’s animation will be reproduced, not obscured by any possible stones, walls or hooks.

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What is Dead by Daylight?
This means that during the collapse of the end of the game, the opportunity to bring down the survivor and transfer it to hatch is more impossible. Players who want to show mercy instead will have to direct them to the hatch or let go of the survivor, opening the gates of the exit, because by transferring them to a dying state, the finisher of Mori will immediately follow them.

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