Sikanoin Haidzo is a new Genshin Impact character from update 2.8

Mihoyo studio announced a new character for her game Genshin Impact . It was Sikanoin Haidzo, which will replenish the Russian -affected by the release of the following update.

Shikanoin Heizou: NEW CHARACTER | Voicelines and Details About Him | Genshin Impact

It is reported that Haidzo is a representative of the Tenre Commission, acting a detective. The hero is armed with a sword, and his skills are charged with an element of Anemu. He is cheerful and charismatic, is always ready to help those in need.

Special details about his skills are not yet known, but probably Haidzo will become a 4-star character. He should appear in Genshin Impact, in up the 2.8, which is about to go to the beta testing stage.

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