The best LoL Tier List champions of patch 12.9

What are the best League of Legends champions in the current patch? We review the whole situation after the introduction of the last update so that you use the perfect characters in top, Jungle, mid, bot, and support. All League of Legends players knows that some champions are stronger than others. Playing with the highest-ranked characters in the Tier List increases our chances of winning and makes the experience of moving up in ranked matches much more accessible. However, Riot Games introduces so many changes in every patch that it’s easy to get lost and not quite know what to play. To avoid this situation and any unforeseen issues with the MMR, we have prepared our selection of the best heroes in the current patch. In this case, we are on version 12.9.

How will we choose which champions go into the Tier List?
In ranked games, we can play almost any character if we have enough skill. However, a lot of data tells us whether or not our champion is a good choice. Of course, one of the most important is the win rate. This changes with each update introduced by Riot Games and is one of the most critical elements in assessing the heroes of League of Legends. We will consider it to carry out the Tier List, although it will not be the only criterion.

Identifying which champion dominates the metagame isn’t always easy. We’ll do all the work based on all the aspects that determine how efficient a character can be. In addition to the already mentioned win rate, we will look for the easiest and safest options, adding some variety so that you can find a hero that suits your profile. What works for pro players isn’t always a good fit if you’re looking to rank up, so we won’t be relying too much on competitive to pick the best League of Legends characters in patch 12.9.

Tier List Summary (Patch 12.9)
With each patch released by Riot Games, we will change the Tier List if necessary. Below is a summary of the best metagame champions for each role, followed by a detailed page for each position. Keep in mind that we are currently in patch 12.9, characterized by positive improvements for up to 14 characters.

Best champions in the Top Lane
Good Tier : Tahm Kench and Kayle
Top Tier : Ornn, Wukong y Olaf

Best champions in the Jungle
God Tier : Rengar and Nocturne
Top Tier: Wukong, Rek’Sai y Volibear

Best champions in between
God Tier: Fizz y Anivia
Top Tier: Veigar, Ahri y Diana

Best champions in the Bot Lane
God Tier: Twitchy Jhin
Top Tier: Kog’Maw, Tristana, and Ashe

Best Champions Support
God Tier : Sona and Janna
Top Tier : Senna, Renata and Soraka

Remember that there may be heroes not included in the Tier List that work very well for you, and you should not abandon them. However, these options will work for you in most games if you go to another position or want to expand your arsenal of characters.

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