How to get Silver Starbell Pollen at Little Witch in the Woods

Silver Starbell Pollen is an ingredient that you will use in several different potions and sweets in Little Witch in the Woods. It can be used in recipes of medium and even complex levels. It is not difficult to catch it, but there are some features that you need to know to get this subject.

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What time of day can you collect pollen Silver Starbell?

You can only collect the pollen of a silver star bell. At night when it is dark and the plant glows bright blue. Silver Starbell flowers really appear during the day, but you will notice that they are dull and not glowing. If now it seems that it is dark, but the flower is still not lit, you need to wait a little longer until it gets dark completely. Daybell can be found throughout the map, but you will get the best results by checking down the slope from the witch’s house .

How to assemble pollen for Silver Starbell in Little Witch in the Woods

To collect the pollen Silver Starbell, look for any luminous Silver Starbell flower at night. Go to it with a hand tool and switch it. As soon as he begins to dull and sparkles appear around him, quickly switch to your network and catch the sparkles with a net. This will add silver pollen of the star bell to your inventory.

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