Hideo Kojima using the bit confirmed Death Stranding 2

After an accidental announcement of Death Stranding 2 from actor Norman Ridus in an interview with Leo Edit, a well -known game designer and simply genius Hideo Kodzima could not restrain emotions. Somewhere he got a batter-wrapped with barbed wire Lucille from the “walking dead”, put Ridus on his knees and was about to do something terrible with him.

Norman Ridus accidentally announced the second part of Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima Presents NEW Look: Death Stranding - LIVE PlayStation Experience 2016

Kojima posted photos of what was happening on a personal page on Twitter, accompanying them with the signature “Go to your room, my friend”. Norman Ridus clearly guilty, draining such important information in an interview. We are still waiting for the official announcement of Kojima Productions.

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