Start with Samsung Semiconductor and finish with Hyundai Future. Korea -US summit

On the 20th, the US President and President Yoon Seok -yeol’s summit schedule, which began with a visit to the Pyeongtaek factory of Samsung Electronics on the 20th, ended after the interview with President Biden’s Hyundai Motor Group on the 22nd.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, which was held 11 days after the launch of the new government, was held in a situation where the need for global cooperation was increased due to supply chain risks and fan -decics, which was an opportunity to strengthen the ROK -US supply chain and technology partnership in addition to the previous security alliance. did. In the visit of President Biden, the Minister of Commerce, who was in charge of the supply chain, was unusual and attracted attention.

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In particular, various economic events were highlighted through various economic events such as visiting Samsung Electronics Pyeongtaek Plant, Korea -US Minister of Commerce, Business Round Table, Supply and Industrial Conversation Memorandum (MOU), and Chairman of Hyundai Motor Group.

In addition, the company also participated in the Indian Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF), emphasizing cooperation in the region to respond to global crisis such as supply chain and climate change.

The Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry signed the MOU, which has upgraded the existing director -level “Industrial Cooperation Dialogue” to the minister -level ‘supply chain and industrial dialogue (SCCD)’. SCCD is expected to serve as a representative platform to discuss supply chain and advanced technology cooperation such as digital and supply chain (semiconductor, etc.), healthcare and export control.

An official from the Ministry of Industry explained, “The new SCCD will be operated as an official consultation channel that discusses supply chains between the two governments, apart from the hotline between the two countries.”

The US-Korea SCCD will hold a ministerial meeting once a year and will hold a meeting by ministers from time to time.

The two ministers of the two countries presided over the Korea -US business round table and discussed the response to supply chain and investment in the supply chain of semiconductors, batteries, electric vehicles, digital and clean energy. Samsung, SK, Hyundai Motor, LG, LG, Lotte, Hanwha, OCI, and Naver participated in Qualcomm, Applied Materials, Ram Research, GM, GE, Google, Corning, and Bloom Energy.

An official from the Ministry of Industry said, “This round table was hot, and the discussion was hot because of the participation of people who could make decisions such as major group chairman, vice chairman, and president.”

The official said, “Companies that make large -scale investments in the United States have requested difficulties in the US, financing problems, experienced advanced manpower, tax support, and infrastructure. I said it would not be. ”

Participants in the two countries have expressed their awareness that the global economy faces the uncertainty of supply chain, which is a common problem that a company or a country cannot solve, and that response is needed through various cooperation.

The Ministry of Industry also evaluated that the US -ROK summit also established a comprehensive regional economic cooperation system through cooperation and a balanced approach to norms, and maximized Korean corporate profits and industrial competitiveness, such as stabilizing supply chain.

The Ministry of Industry and Industry promotes cooperation such as digital norms, infrastructure, technology cooperation, carbon conversion, technology cooperation, and technology standard harmony with public -private and corporations such as the US and Japan. Transition, etc.) We expect to strengthen our company’s competitiveness.

In addition, the company decided to jointly respond to the establishment of a regional supply chain cooperation network, diversifying and stabilizing supply chain, and disturbing supply chain.

The company plans to participate in carbon cars, infrastructure investment, capacity strengthening, and joint projects to expand Korean companies’ opportunities to enter the Indian Pacific market.

It will also strengthen Korea -US strategic cooperation to lead the nuclear power industry and technology and enter the global market. It will participate in the US -led small module reactor (SMR) capacity building program (FIRST) to promote joint market entry and cooperation among companies.

In addition, the company signed a MOU on the transfer and export cooperation of Korea -US nuclear power plant technology to strengthen cooperation such as compliance with non -expansion international standards (AP) and entering the market.

It also decided to embody detailed cooperation plans such as spent fuel management, nuclear export promotion, fuel supply, and intensifying cooperation in nuclear security.

It cooperates in emerging advanced technology such as AI, Quantum, and Bio, and also exchanges manpower. The ROK -US summit agreed to strengthen public -private cooperation to protect and promote core and emerging technology, including AI, quantum technology, and bio technology. The company decided to promote partnerships related to core and emerging technology by expanding human exchange between professionals and promoting investment and research and development.

Through the technical alliance, the company plans to work comprehensively in the advanced and core technology fields to further expand the technical advantage of the two countries.

Following the Korea -US summit, investment attraction and bio -sector cooperation were signed. Netflix subsidiaries have invested $ 100 million by 2027 to build a film producer using virtual reality (VR). Netflix subsidiary investments can be expected to relocate the VR production technology used in the Hollywood film site.

As the Ministry of Industry and Thermo Fisher signed the agreement with the cell culture badge company, the global raw and sovereign company is expected to advance to Korea after Catity Bar and Sato Rius last year.

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