The mother company Thq Nordic acquires the developer of Arizona Sunshine, Vertigo Games

Kiss Group, the parent company of Thq Nordic, announced the acquisition of Vertigo Games, a developer of Arizona Sunshine. This is the first team focusing solely on virtual reality titles to be acquired by the media conglomerate.

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Vertigo Games, purchased for 50 million euros, will retain its general management and will operate independently under the aegis of Koch Media.

The label currently has six current projects and two studios, in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Los Angeles (United States), both including video games and virtual reality experiences based on location.

“Since we decided to focus exclusively on virtual reality games in 2013, we have experienced rapid growth with the release of the world hit sole de l’Arizona, and we have our most ambitious project to date,” The fall_, “said the CEO of Vertigo Games Richard Stsetselaar in a press release.

“The virtual reality game market seems to be about to really take off with the pooling of better and more accessible equipment and more and more high quality content published and announced. We believe that the time has come to speed up and in Koch Media and Kiss, we found the ideal partner to do it together. »»

Koch Media CEO, Dr. Klemens Kundratitz, has added that “we are very closely monitoring the virtual reality market in recent years. We believe that the time has come to extend the activities of our groups to this rapidly growing market. I am sure that we are only at the beginning of the technological development of virtual reality and what it offers to actors around the world.

“We are delighted that with the acquisition of Vertigo Games, leading experts in virtual reality join our group. Together, we will push the limits of the virtual reality game even further, by combining our solid global development and publishing network with their expertise specializing in virtual reality games.

This is just the latest new entry into the Group Group. The label has acquired several development teams in recent years, and some of the names involved in the process are very popular.

Metro Dev 4a Games has just been bought, but the previous acquisitions include the Little Nightmares Tarsier studio, the Miletone racing games and the Kingdom Come Deliverance Warhorse studios.

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