Devolver Digital Tizerat their countdown for Summer Game Fest 2022

The well-known Devolver Digital publishing house announced the date of its own presentation as part of the Summer Game Fest 2022. For this, the authors published a full-fledged trailer with the exact time of the premiere of their marketing reference before marketing. Thanks to this video, we also learned that one of the leading will be the legendary developer of Goichi of the Court (SUDA51) from the Grasshopper Manuapacture, which will become part of a large humanoid robot.

The latest game Grasshopper Manaufacture is No More Heroes III, which was released in August 2021, and it was then that we heard something from SUDA51 for the last time. If the perfect duo of the developer and publishing studio appeared once, then this is precisely Grasshopper and Devolver, and therefore it is very interesting that it is we are going to show at 01:00 (Moscow time) on June 10.

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