The military secret is again posted on the official forum of the MMO Military Sim War Thunder. This time China

Cave Co., Ltd. announced on June 3 that it would acquire a game in Corporation (announced PDF). Cave plans to acquire all the stocks of the game for about 5023 million yen. Once the acquisition is completed, the game will be a consolidated subsidiary of Cave, a long-established STG development.

Cave Co., Ltd. is a domestic game development company established in 1994. The company has released a number of shooting games, including the Angry Bee series, Insects and Death Smiles. It is a typical company as a STG developer. The company is currently developing the Touhou Project official secondary creative title. The Game Co., Ltd., which is being acquired, is a company that has been developing the hit work Monster Strike and has a proven track record in the development and operation of smartphone games.

According to Cave’s presentation, this acquisition will be incorporated at the Cave Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders scheduled to be held in August this year. If the resolution is made, it is expected that all shares of the games will be transferred to Cave on September 1 and become a consolidated subsidiary.

Regarding the acquisition, Cave states that securing human resources is the focus. Cave said that due to the expansion of the new colon virus infection, it was difficult to secure development staff, such as the Touhou PROJECT official secondary creative title. It seems that FIVESTAR BANK Co., Ltd., a subsidiary, was in a severe state. Therefore, the company plans to use the content and human resources of the games as a subsidiary and utilize it for recovering business performance. The game is also expected to prevent human resources from leaked. The company plans to prevent the outflow of human resources by entering the umbrella of Cave, a listed company, and granting stock options for games employees.


What is worrisome is that both companies are deeply involved in game creators Yoshinori Okamoto. Okamoto was involved in the Street Fighter series in a former Capcom, and was also involved in the development of Monster Strike. He is currently a director in Cave and is also enrolled in the game. According to the material, two of the three shareholders transferred to the cave to Cave are two relatives of Okamoto. It seems that his relatives have half of the games voting rights. Cave also mentioned the reason why the company was selected as a stock transfer destination. Some of Dira Game’s executive employees know Mr. Okamoto well, and states that there are expectations for human relationships.

The trigger of this acquisition is Cave’s recent difficulties. Cave had deteriorated, with the business deficit for five consecutive terms from the fiscal year ending May 2017 to the May 2021. In addition, although multiple titles were released, the service ended early without the establishment of the user. While the STG app Gothic is a magic maiden is the axis of revenue, it was difficult to create further hit titles.

The group of the group in the third quarter of the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022 was about 1.07 billion yen. When acquiring a game, the price of about 5 billion yen is not enough. It is said that borrowing from financial institutions and installment payments to existing shareholders are assumed. First of all, the company plans to pay 1 billion yen as a temporary payment, and repay it by paying in total eight times. In view of a series of situations, we can see that Okamoto has become the driving force for the acquisition. How will this acquisition affect the game titles of the two companies?

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