The first trailer for Major Thunder: Difficult childhood – prequeling Chum Doctor

The debut teaser trailer for Major Thunder: Difficult Childhood from Bubble and KinoPoisk appeared. This is the prequel of the plague doctor, which will transfer the audience for 20 years to the past.


Igor is only ten years old, which does not prevent him from looking for adventures in a well-known place in St. Petersburg of the model of the 90s. Meanwhile, his father, police major Konstantin Thunder, is trying to stop the criminal boss Anubis. The script was written by Bubble comics, the director of the Plague Doctor is also in business.

At the end of last year, the audience was shown the directorial version of the original tape, in the work and the series in the same universe-Red Furia.

Major Thunder: Difficult childhood will be released at the KinoPoisk HD at the beginning of next year.

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