F1 Supervisor 2022: Monitoring simulation in the new gameplay

With the F1 Manager 2022, the Elite Dangerous and also Jurassic World Evolution manufacturers from Frontier Developments are currently producing a monitoring simulation that will certainly allow you to route the lot of money of a Formula 1 team.

As part of yesterday’s computer Gaming Program 2022, those accountable at Frontier Developments made use of the provided stage and offered the area a fresh gameplay trailer for the F1 Manager 2022, in which different aspects of the game were gone over. These include the administration of your own group, the evaluation of the data won in the race, or the opportunity of trying to find promising talents for the future in series such as Formula 3.


the battle for the crown of Formula 1

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The F1 Manager 2022 will be released on August 25, 2022 for the computer, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, the Xbox One and also the Xbox Series X/S.

Considering that the F1 Manager 2022 features the main license of Formula 1, all teams as well as vehicle drivers of the present period are naturally part of the party. It is up to you whether you take control of heavyweights like Red Bull Competing and Ferrari or whether you are attempting to lead one of the outsiders like Williams Racing or the Haas F1 group to the top of the premier course of motorsport.

Your areas of responsibility include the administration of your team as well as your own resources, the construction or the further advancement of your with any luck competitive car or the look for ideal chauffeurs and also approaches. The connected gameplay trailer supplies you with further impressions from the present video game.

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