Egui Gore too! Nightmare Frames Dot Picture Horror ADV, which was scattered with American culture of the 1980s

Nowadays, the latest games are released in large quantities every day. There are many GAME*Spark readers who are lamenting, saying, I don’t know what kind of game it is! Therefore, it is this project Explosive Speed Play Repo to deliver the content of the game as soon as possible.

This time, we will introduce the horror ADV Nightmare Frames for the Postmodern Adventures PC (Steam) released on June 16, 2022.

What is Nightmare Frames?

This is Hollywood in 1985. The protagonist, Alan Goldberg, spends his days as a film writer, but he seems to have a bit of a sense of stagnation in his career. Thanks to the skillful producer Peter Evans, Melodies of Heven, who was also involved, succeeded and thought that it was the first step in the B-class escaping, but the important Peter Evans committed suicide in the work. increase. Alan, who was a little earlier, coupled with his personal ambitions, was quite depressed due to the reaction.

At that point, the wealthy Helen, who is rumored to be to control all of the Hollywood of time, will come into contact. The purpose is to get this obtaining an unpublished work of Edward Keller, a genius horror movie director. At the same time, Alan, who received the same request from another millionaire, went to Serena, the city where Edward Keller last visited.

Click on the suspicious place in the horror ADV that proceeds in point & click format. Sometimes you get items. You will solve the mystery by combining the items obtained in this way or multiple combinations. There are some horror that is a rough dot picture but a relentless gore expression and a horror that has a broken back, and is a feature of this game that does not have a gentle journal that summarizes keywords and information in the conversation text.

Can Alain Goldberg find a movie in the case?

Approach the actual content of Nightmare Frames!


Then, the game starts immediately.

Well, from the title screen, it’s something suspicious. Something is around. That’s a good speed. Well, the character? cross? An aura that seems to be touched by an amateur in a vigorous manner is coming out.

Select New Game, followed by a short woman’s lines, in a campsite in the middle of the rain. Click on her traveling point to operate this woman. The signboard in the middle of her is rough. It is a delicate line that is not enough to read.

This game is operated in the dot picture part, and her face telop and subtitles are displayed during conversation. This face is dark again. The THE / Western one is the one.
If you move to the left according to the sign as it is…

… (Exquisite). Isn’t the development of the story early? Gore in a few minutes for the first time. That’s pretty hard. Gore is not a private Ryan in the opening dash. First of all, let me appear as an old hunter with a hunting gun, and when I took a break, I turned around! I still know.

After this, Gore deployment will come again after a while.

But don’t worry, this is a play play.

The scene I mentioned earlier is a new work of the main character Alan Goldberg. It seems to be a masterpiece for success, and before meeting with Peter Evans, a skilled producer, it seems to be a creative activity, but it seems that it is not good. I can affirm even from the writer who is a movie amateur, that is the B class without any conflict.

Such time came, so I read a taxi and went to Peter’s house. But it looks strange.

Alain What happened?
Police I’m a suicide. Head with a gun. It’s a great person, but I think the ideas in the head and something like that.
Alan No, this later meeting is scheduled.
Police Oh, that’s right, but it’s impossible to meet. It’s a closed traffic here.
This is the first step to success, a quick crisis.

By the way, you can chat with this police officer.
Police Otaku, persistent but a reporter?
Alan No, I’m a movie person. I’m a scriptwriter.
Police Hmm, for example?
Alain Do you know the name of Melodies of Heven?
Police Oh? I love Kami-san. I’ve been seen together.
Alain How was it, what was your impression?
Police Well, I fell asleep on the way. So it would be my impression. No, I really like Kami.

Unhappy is often a series of things. There is a mountain of rubble, but there is a mountain of rubble. The older brother said, I blew off because of gas leakage.
Yeah, it’s a catastrophe. Does the United States a few years ago when I was born, the building blows off with gas leaks normally! ?

Later, it turned out to be the safety of the great person, and he happened to be in another office. After doing the use of the person, the mysterious millionaire, Helen, has a contact.

Helen is the center of the screen, purple clothes. It has a dignified appearance from the servant to the furnishings, and has a butler. After hearing a strong story of a hot thriller movie, you will receive such a request.
I want an unpublished work of Edward Keller, a genius horror movie director.
If you can get it, Alain, you may promise your success.

It smells like a sloppy, it’s like a devil Mephisto Ferez in Goethe’s Faust, so I can’t trust it. Even if you don’t say anything you want, you can say whatever you want, the money, honor, and status you want. However, there are various Alan Goldberg. He is not a saint Kimiko or a greedy religiousist, so he will eventually take on the request. In addition, another millionaire will be called out later. Thus, Alan started a survey by Edward Keller, heard from Edward’s daughter, and then headed to Serena, pursuing his steps.

I am a little worried about this work, which is a simple point & click format, a journal such as a journal that summarizes click points and information that summarizes information, but on the contrary, combined with rough dot paintings. However, it reminds me of the good old ADV game that is very difficult and difficult to do in the past. Speaking of which, when I was little, I remembered that I had a hard time in the family computer’s Count Sherlock Holmes Daughter Kidnapping. Or, Yeah to Okhotsk or Portopia continuous murder case.

If you move the mouse on the screen on the normal screen, an inventory and a menu bar will appear. Items can be used in drag and drops in suspicious places on the screen, and it is a combination of items by operating in the inventory. I can’t reach it, so I put it in with a paint brush that I picked up there. Still, it’s a little short, so it’s like sticking it with a chewed gum.

The full-fledged horror element is the production after going to the town of Serena. The candle, which was not on, turns the fire all at once. A mysterious shadow appears and disappears. By the way, there are mysterious people living underground when monsters are wandering on the ground. Egui Gore is also chocolate chocolate. At least play while eating moot stew or hormone grilling is not recommended.

Also, I think the 1980s culture that involves this game is a big element to enjoy this game. In the movie, it was the first work of Robocop and Terminator. Unfortunately, I was born in 1990, so I am not familiar with this neighborhood. When I wrote this article, I saw some movies from this era, and finally came to think, Hoho, I see.

Conversely, it may be easier to understand this background for those who know the time. The Vietnam War is over, and the hippy culture based on the anti-war movement is almost over, and the cult has emerged. These backgrounds are scattered in the game. If you look around this area, I think the immersion will change all the time.

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