Wonshin will be added 2.8 updates and new characters on the 13th.

On the 2nd, Hoyo Bus will launch an open world action RPG RPG version 2.8 update on the 13th.

The 2.8 version update is’ Midsummer! Fantastic night? Meteorological song! The theme is proceeded. The new playable character, Cicanoin Hei-jo, will be added, and various events such as ‘Summer Sea and Poetry Journey’ will be held.

The four-star character of the wind attribute that uses a short-range law, Hijo, is a genius boy detective belonging to the Ten Ryo Bong, which causes the enemy to damage the enemy with powerful fists and kicks. The character will be available in the original character event origin where you can get ‘Kaedehara Kazuha’ and ‘Cle’. In the later character event origin, Yoimiya was ready to appear.

Through this update, you can also find the Summer Sea and the Summer Journey Season Event, where you can explore the gold apple system and see attractive stories. In this event, you can get four-star characters for free and enjoy new adventures and exploration.

In addition, during the ‘Fantasy Sound’ event, the event resources ‘Sora’ containing stories and messages can be collected and exchanged as a new costume of Fistle. In the cooperative event, Recall in Reminance, you can depart with your friends and complete various tasks in the sea.

In addition, the story quest of Kaedehara Kazuha will be added, and you can accompany the detective work for a day at the invitation event of Cicanoin Heizo.

The update of version 2.8 of Wonsin can be found through the official Wonshin Cafe.

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