Ace Tom recruited Building & Fighter alpha tester

[Ace Tom Park Ye-jin reporter] Ace Tom (CEO Kim Yoon-jong) announced on the 6th that it will recruit testers for the Alpha test of GPS action mobile game ‘Building & Fighter’.

Kim Yun-jong, a famous developer of Dungeon & Fighter, is a developer who is regarded as an action game craftsman.

The difference with the existing action game of ‘Building & Fighter’ is that it is an interactive game that combines users with real buildings and landmarks based on the satellite location information system (GPS).

The user’s actual location can be linked with the game to occupy Korea’s buildings and territory, and the user will expand his area by occupying his location or real buildings in a particular area. In this situation, you can battle with other users who own the building.

The company explained that it was evaluated that the action hand was clearly tasted in the last few focus group tests (FGT).

In addition, the goods secured through the occupation of the building added the fun of collecting and nurturing characters with more than 50 appearance and ability. Ace Tom plans to introduce content such as Clan War and Raid in the future.

The test can be applied through the tester recruitment page by the 31st, and the selected tester will be able to participate in the alpha test for a week from August 4th.

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