Announced for the domestic third -person horror hallucinations Steam, distributed in July. A shocking fact is hidden in the dim apartment

On July 15, the domestic individual developer, Momon, announced hallucinations . The compatible platform is a PC (Steam), and the price is undecided. According to Steam’s store page, the release in July 2022 is scheduled.

Fallet is a horror game from a third-person perspective that explores the apartment at the delivery destination. The stage of this work is a certain apartment. The protagonist is one delivery person who visited the apartment to deliver his luggage. The main character of the delivery person visited the apartment with luggage, triggered by the email requested by a redelivery. However, the elevator broke down when the protagonist was moving inside the apartment. The protagonist loses the means of transportation and cannot go out of the apartment. The shocking facts become revealed as they explore the apartment.

In this work, the protagonist will explore to return from the apartment. Trailers and screenshots show dim space, such as broken rooms on the walls and Japanese-style rooms with mysterious objects. The player operates the hero from a third person perspective. By collecting items and solving mysteries and gimmicks by exploring, it will proceed. According to the store page, the play time is about 30 to 90 minutes. There is no game over, and several types of endings are available. In addition, the progress status is saved by auto-save. In addition to the protagonist, you can also see junior delivery staff and people who have been covered with something like paper bags, but how is it related to the story? And what is hidden in the apartment?

This work is being developed by one of the domestic individual developers who are now 21 years old. As a past work, Singularity World (currently the end of STEAM sales) and Headache were released. The Headache, which started free distribution in November 2021, was slightly popular with 75 % of the 121 user reviews. The player seems to have evaluated the scary atmosphere in the museum, which is the stage of the work.

The hallucinations will be released in July 2022 for PC (Steam).

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