LOL: Fashion mechanics in Riot Games that characterizes new characters and reWorks

The new League of Legends champions have always followed fashions. Riot Games repeatedly bets on some elements that are seen in several of his designs. The best known case-and that one day we will talk-is that of the passive of three blows. For years, many characters had this element. We have also been able to see how in recent times the developer has focused on launching heroes that belong to the scrub category such as Gwen or Viego. However, the last trend is one of the most interesting that has reached the game.

Riot Games falls in love with infinite skills

Having solved it in the previous phrase, there is no too much mystery. Riot Games has confirmed a very marked trend this season offering several characters definitive skills that may never end . The definitive Bel’veth, Zeri, Sivir, Olaf, Swain or Ahri are the examples of the type of spells we refer to. All of them can restart their duration as long as they are maintained in combat and meet certain conditions. It may be hurting an enemy or ending him. The way in which the effect is achieved changes, but the idea is always the same.

The goal of Riot Games with this mechanics is that the character’s power peaks remain longer. The truth is that these skills cannot be used indefinitely in a real scenario, but in practice they are active as long as it is never ended . If we use our hero well, it is most likely that when the effect of these spells ends the fight has also ended. In addition, as cooling in League of Legends are usually quite low, we will have them without problem in the next skirmish.

A problem for League of Legends?

Like any new mechanics that arrives in League of Legends, the introduction of this system has been problematic for the game. Although from a design point of view it seems a good idea and many of the characters that have received these skills have been quite popular, there have also been great equilibrium difficulties. The launch of Zeri will go down in history as one of the toughest for developers, Sivir is paying too well and Ahri It was also high at the top of the Tier List during later patches to your great update.

In response to the data, it does not seem that the characters with this type of spells are systematically more powerful. Perhaps they are problematic at the time of launch , since it is more complicated to establish what their moments of weakness are during the fights. However, Riot Games seems to be managed moderately well if we only take into account the balance in the direction of victories. There are also other factors such as frustration or high that is the peak of power, but these variables are not so easy to measure.

The truth is that this new phase of Riot Games is quite curious. Seeing the developer to embrace such a marked fashion is not usual. However, and although Nilah or Renata launches do not comply with this characteristic, it seems clear that ** we can expect a future with many more of these infinite skills in League of Legends.

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