Is Bakugo dead in My Hero Academia? Responded (spoilers)

Upon entering the final arch of My Hero Academia, it was clear that some characters would not leave alive. There is much at stake, the enemies are too fierce and it would not be an adequate Shonen story without one or two heroic deaths. However, some deaths hit stronger than others, and if he heard the news or saw the relevant chapter, he is probably wondering: Is Bakugo dead in My Hero Academia? ? **? Well, we like it or not, we have the answer he is looking for.


Does Bakugo die in My Hero Academia? Answered

According to what was revealed online after the launch of Chapter 362 of My Hero Academia’s manga, Bakugo is, in fact, dead and dusty.

This comes to Shigaraki, controlled by All For One, whom he had been facing in an attempt to gain time until Deku could arrive and face the great evil in his culminating confrontation. Although he had the support of the three greats of UA, a large number of Pro Heroes and several of his classmates, there was determined to kill Bakugo to hurt Izuku as deeply as possible. Similarly, Bakugo was not going to flee under any circumstance and faced All For One despite this potential result.

The manga does not leave much space for interpretation either. Several panels of the chapter represent Bakugo in the beyond or in a lifeless state, with few or no flash of sudden evasion or a misinterpretation.

Is there any way for Bakugo to return to life?

Fortunately, there is a McGuffin that My Hero Academia can bring to revive Bakugo and get him out of his premature death; That is Eri and the unique inverse peculiarity of him.

Eri’s Quirk is able to reverse the state of any living being to a previous point of his existence. This was demonstrated when he erased his father from existence, he invested Deku to a point where he had not damaged his limbs in his fight against Overhaul, and when he restored Mirio’s powers after erasing the Quirk of the.

However, it is currently unknown if author Kōhei Horikoshi will do this or not, and how he would implement it in history. We will keep up with the manga and its developments so that we can update this guide accordingly if any development occurs.

Hopefully this is clarified if Bakugo is dead or not in my hero academy . To get more information about the series, see any of the articles below. To get more information about everything related to anime, we have a variety of lists and characteristics that cover topics such as the most popular anime series, anime characters plus OP and the best anime rivalries.

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