Valve forbid by companies in Steams graphic elements of the prize logos and review points from September

Valve will renew his Steam marketplace from the first day of September.

In the future, the American company will no longer allow prize logos, review points or other extra text in the graphic elements of the game presentation pages. According to Valve, unclear rules have led to the fact that, among other things, the images used by companies cause confusion and, at worst, even mislead customers.

Valve also justifies the change, among other things: The logos of some games today are so small that it is difficult for users to understand what the game is. In some cases, the images are so full of prize logos and grades that it interferes and makes it difficult to read. Some identifiers use outdated evaluation points. Most of the text added to the elements is only in English, which excludes other languages speaking Steam users.


In the future, companies will need to present the reviews, grades and the rewards received by the game in the places designated for them on the Steam trade pages. If the publication does not follow these rules, its visibility may be limited in the Steam trade and is not presented at the official discounts and events of the service.

Renewed rules for developers can be listed here, and detailed requirements and models in a separate documentation.

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