How to win Pegwin Pool Party in Fall Guys – advice and recommendations

PEGWIN POLOL PARTY is one of many round guies rounds. In this game mode, players fall into the arena where small penguins run. The goal is to simply grab the penguin and hold it as long as possible, not allowing opponents to steal your penguin from you. As in the case of most cards in Fall Guys, players need to use the structures surrounding them and strive to be as elusive as possible in their movement. Due to these factors, for some players, obtaining qualifications can be a difficult task. In this leadership, we will consider some tips and techniques that will help you dominate each PEGWIN POOL PARTY round in Fall Guys.

The best tips and recommendations to win a party at the PEGWIN pool at Fall Guys

do not focus on one penguin

One of the most common players’ mistakes is the pursuit of penguins in the group. If there is a group of players chasing the penguins, do not join them. Most likely, it will be much more difficult for you to catch a penguin in all this turmoil. Instead, inspect the area and try to find a penguin that does not dispute. This will help you easily grab a penguin and get to a safe place without opponent intervention.

use the advantages of your Renaissance place

It is very important to know how the penguins move. As a rule, penguins begin in the middle of the map and begin to turn left or right. Depending on where you appear, choose the fastest way to penguins. If you appear on the left side of the card, move the sliders to the lower level of the card. If you appear on the right side of the card, use a large fan to quickly get to the lower level where the penguins will appear. Key trick for quick movement-constantly press the jump button while moving.

Avoid running on the water

Although water does not affect the penguins, it will significantly slow your movement speed. Therefore, always avoid water movement. However, if you need to lower your legs, always definitely press the jump button and perform rabbit jumps to move faster.

Use your environment

There is a reason why the arena is full of structures, such as slides and fans. These structures will help you easily move between the two levels of the map, thereby complicating the other players with the task of pulling your penguin from you. After you successfully grabbed the penguin, try to get into the less populated areas of the map. You can also use structures such as rotating walls and frog to hide from opponents. If you have a penguin, an excellent strategy is to stay near the entrance to the big slide of mucus on the top floor, as this place is great for quick runaway from opponents.

Stay next to free penguins

If you are tired of players trying to grab you and steal your penguin, the best strategy is to stay with other free penguins. When another player approaches you to steal your penguin, it is likely that instead he will follow a free penguin nearby.

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