Is it possible to beat the ruins into Tower of Fantasy?

Ruins are a version of the Tower of Fantasy dungeons, which can be found throughout Aida. They have puzzles, enemies and obstacles, and at the end you will receive amazing awards, including fragments of relics and other important resources. But with such a large payment of remuneration, you may be interested in whether it is possible to replay ruins in the game.

Is it possible to re-enter ruins in Tower of Fantasy?

Entering the ruins for the first time, you will make you play in them light mode . As soon as this is done, you will unlock two more modes: normal and hard . Thus, you can re-enter ruins as many times as you want, but only get a reward once for each level of complexity. As soon as you finish everything that the ruin can offer, the re-entrance to it will leave you in an empty room-without enemies, puzzles and awards.

However, if you missed something important (for example, a chest), you can return and pick it up. Given what has been said, this is not possible to reproduce ruins after their complete completion.

How to find ruins in Tower of Fantasy


Although you cannot replay the ruins in the game, there are enough of them to occupy you. You can find ruins on the world map with a unique icon resembling a cathedral circled in the image above. Unfortunately, they do not act as a transmission point, so you will need to manually get to the ruins.

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