The fourth Kung Fu Panda movie is confirmed

For a few months ago, DreamWorks Animation confirmed that he was working on a new project, which already had a release date, but that he had not yet revealed his official name. And now, it is mentioned that this animated film will be neither more nor less than the return of the Dragon Warrior, we clearly talk about the saga Kung Fu Panda .

Its premiere is scheduled for March 8 of 2024 , but the most curious thing is that it will premiere quite close to a new Disney project, Masters of Fury: The Legend of Sun Wukong , which takes up the history of martial arts. For its part, it also arrives a week before Godzilla vs. Kong 2 , which is highly anticipated by Warner fans.

The Kung Fu Panda franchise began in the year 2008 , with a reception that was very well accepted by critics and public in general, since it presented us to such a bear having the prominence as Karate art teacher. Thus two more films were released that culminated in 2016, but that’s not all, since there are also shorts and series.


Since we last saw the characters, many users stayed with the doubt of whether the story could continue, because the premise shows us that for the Dragon Warrior there was a lot to go. With this return, it is evident that iconic voices of the saga would be back, one of them being Jack Black , who will also give life to Bowser .

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