LOL: The great failure of Team Vitality that ends a historical streak of Perkz

Team Vitality has consummated one of the greatest failures in the history of the European competition of League of Legends . After a defeat against Excel Esports in the tiebreaker for the sixth position, the French club has been left out of the Playoffs of the Summer Split of LEC 2022. Regular situation for a club that faced the year in anomalous circumstances. With a millionaire investment in salaries, from the organization they did not want to continue paid to the latest positions. However, this is one of the cases in which money has not been able to buy success.


The greatest failure of the European Legends League

Although the drop that filled the glass was the aforementioned defeat against Excel Esports, the negative streak of Team Vitality is practically incomprehensible. The team had nine wins in the absence of four days to play and knew that a single victory was enough to ensure the first positions. However, said each and every one of his games for defeats since last August 6 . Some of them against theoretically inferior teams such as Astralis or SK Gaming, which at the time of their confrontation were well below in the classification.

There are few palliatives to talk about the performance of a team that started the year announcing the signings of Perkz, Carzy or Alphari. The combined in the spring season no longer ending in a very discreet fifth position and the short circuit has been total in this decisive stage of LEC. A situation that could well be considered as the greatest failure in the history of competition in terms of expectations and investment against reality. Perhaps, the only comparable case was that elements that in 2015 was hit just after signing Rekkles.

Additionally, Team Vitality’s failure has ended one of the most impressive gusts of the competitive legends. For the first time since his elite debut , Perkz will not be in the World Championship . An absence that comes after being present in the last six editions and that makes it impossible for Croatar to match a record that Jensen currently holds. The now Mid Laner of Cloud 9 has managed to go to the World Cups in seven consecutive editions and still fights to add eighth assistance to the Worlds.

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