Scientists find solution for Wi

Since the Internet wirelessly exists, there has always been an impediment that makes users must be toured practically to modems to have a good sign, and that is the walls. And now, a new investigation could do the invention of the century, a transmission that ultimately does not distinguish from borders between the signal and the receiving apparatus.

In a new article published by Nature , it is explained that there is a way to perform calculations to locate the location of the obstacles beforehand, and that the signal waves do not have to bounce, but to cross the walls. Although for this, the elements must be placed at specific angles, this in order not to have an additional hindrance in between.

Here is a fragment of the article:

The first is simply sending certain waves through the environment and measuring exactly how they are reflected by the material. We managed to demonstrate that with this information a corresponding compensatory medium could be calculated for any means that dispenses the waves in a complex way, so that the combination of the two means allow the waves to completely pass. The key is to find a mathematical method with which to calculate the exact shape of the reflective surfaces.

This article can be quite important, because based on the experiment, they could elaborate some new models that allow this kind of behavior, but it can happen time for this to be common. For now, it will be time to wait a little longer for the calculations to be more accurate, although things are on the right track with respect to the Wi-Fi.

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