LOL – LCK: DWG KIA discovers the best way to win Zeri in Late Game: Not suitable for cardiac

The Competitive Circuit of League of Legends is reaching its final rounds and, although the ERLs are practically finished, the major leagues are found in the first maps and deciding who they are the first to go on vacation. This time we will talk about the LCK and how Damwon Kia has passed to the next round by the minimum and with an unexpected play but quite brave; Come on, something that only some world champions are able to do.


How to win an unstoppable Zeri? DWG KIA teaches you the best strategy

The tie between Kt Rolster and Damwon Kia stood in the fifth map of the tie and there was a monster in the KT team called Zeri that he had on his scoreboard 7 murders and with his build practically complete. As we have seen before, this is something bad for the enemy team, since Zaun’s ray is a true monster at this point in the game and although Deokdam’s aphelia also Pica, it is not equal to broken than Zeri in the 40th minute.

The game was completely face to Kt Rolster , and only a miraculous play could save those of Showmaker… and indeed, it was. DWG knew that fighting was not going to work for anything, so they opted for a quite risky strategy but the only viable at that time: Go with everything to the nexus while Canyon has long been facing them in The dragon z1. It seems something taken from Solq, but if you have no other chance it is to win the race with absolute record or crash and die in the spot.

Luckily, for DWG Kia was a resounding success since KT’s were not expected and were reduced by the surprise factor. These strategies are very risky, but it is a risk that only the best teams in the world are able to accept. However, this is not over, since in next round awaits you nothing more and nothing less than the t1 of Faker , so we will have to see if they perform a similar feat or choose to have everything planned

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