Sunsoft, who is one of the NES season champions, returns to the market, including Mr. Gimmick and UFour: The Sagan

The Japanese company Sunsoft announced his future plans in a recent live stream.

The Publisher Developer, a member of the 8-bit era champions, is familiar with, among other things, titles like blaster Master, Batman, journey to Silius, spy hunter and Gremlins 2: The New Batch. Sunsoft has been in the past years At Christmas, asking fans what classic titles they might want to see. Now the silence is coming to an end in concrete terms, as Sunsoft is bringing at least four titles for modern platforms this coming winter and next year, three of which are re-releases and one is a wash-proof recycled version.

Ikki Unite is a multiplayer re-release of a 1985 action game, which was only seen in Japan in slot machines and Nintendo’s Famicom console. The title should appear by the end of 2022 and the game can also be tested in advance by registering in a closed Beta on Steam.

Super-rare NES classic mr. Gimmick get it on modern platforms as well as gimmick! The recycled publication called Special Edition is seen this coming winter. This is a platform hopping that was only seen in the end of the NES-Elinkaari only in Japan and Scandinavia. The upcoming version will include new features such as achievements, time Attack, free charging and storage, and a coil feature. Audiovisually, the work seems to be unchanged and the physical version also makes its way, although the schedule was not yet revealed.

Lastly, the personalized level of action of the next year was revealed by the personal jumping jump: The Saga_, who remained in the 8-bit Nintendo in the early 90s, when it appeared for the fun of Japanese, European and Australians. In addition to the unnamed recycled version, Sunsoft also announced his audio circulation publications that are expected to appear this year and next year.


Gimmick! Special Edition and Fouria: The Saga are seen as a publication on PC, Xbox One, Switch and PlayStation 4, while ikki Unite are only seen on PC. Recent presentation and gimmick! You can check out the Special Edition trailer below.

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