The latest video of the strange madness Soviet FPS Atomic Heart. Feel the feel of the death fight with the fresh game play video

Russia’s indie studio Mundfish released the latest video of Atomic Heart on August 26. A number of battle scenes with bizarre enemies have been unveiled.


Atomic Heart is an adventure FPS set in a fictional world modeled on the Soviet Union. The protagonist’s special investigator P-3 will be dispatched to the facility for the survey after being interacted with the federal highest confidential facility №3826. What he saw was a disastrous, like hell, with countless runaway robots and abnormalities. The P-3 will struggle with non-nightmare people due to investigating the cause and convergence of the situation.

In the trailer released this time, the battle scene of this work was unveiled one after another. The P-3 seems to make full use of various psychic powers with his left glove. He can see a scene where multiple enemies emerge with their careless power, freezing as they are, and the scene of emitting electric shocks. There is also a mysterious scene that stretches something like a cable from his left hand and inserts it into the enemy’s back. It may be the production of stealth skills or some effects.

In addition to handguns, as a normal weapon, an assault rifle that is considered an AK system for the Soviet Union is a stage. In addition to the unfamiliar guns that have been modified and the remodeling, they handle weapons like a rocket launcher in the boss battle, and a variety of firearms seem to appear. Many melee weapons have appeared, and you can see various things such as homemade spear-like weapons and ax-shaped weapons. Such a speedy battle that combines the normal weapons and the psychic power of the left hand is likely to be a characteristic of gameplay.

In the video, there are multiple boss battles that take a huge robot, including the boss that appeared in the previous trailer. The gauge at the top of the screen has a display that looks like an enemy name. It seems that many unique boss robots appear in the game, such as Belyash, which has an impressive light on the head, YOZH, which features a spherical body, and ROSA, which flaps countless tentacles. You can also see not only robots but also battle with the eerie creature named Ivy. The battle with the characteristic bosses is also a highlight.

In addition, trailers include battle scenes in various locations, indoors and outdoors. Multiple unusual robots, such as the normal enemy, such as the humanoid robot of the bearded skin head. There are also enemies like humans whose head and back have been mutated. On the other hand, I would like to pay attention to the mysterious rituals with two gorgeous robots, which are caught in the trailer all the time.

The fierce battle with the various types of strange enemies in this trailer is drawn in a rich graphic. We were able to confirm the powerful game play with special graphics that aim for the quality of the next-generation aircraft level. In addition, the video of this work so far has a slightly technical demo impression. This time, it is a content that conveys the feel of gameplay, which includes HUD elements and fresh battles. According to an interview with the US IGN, this work is expected to operate at 4K for PS5/Xbox Series X. The company is also developing a late racing on as many platforms as possible.

Atomic Heart will be released for PlayStation 5/PlayStation 4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/PC (Steam). The trailer released in February this year revealed that it was scheduled to be released to #########Ber. The month when the end is BER in English is every month from September to December. In other words, it will be released somewhere from September to December this year.

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