The best rituals in the lamb cult and how to get them

Rituals are necessary when it comes to the game in Cult of the Lamb. They make your followers happy, increase loyalty, feed your commune and allow you to make sacrifices from time to time. Here’s how you can make your lamb hooves participate in their own rituals in order to maintain the prosperity of the commune.

How to go through rituals in the cult of the lamb

Rituals are opened as a reward for quests, by researching and creating new doctrines.

For the ritual near the fire and the ritual of brainwashing, you will need to perform the quest Proclaiming of the doctrine and the quest of Sozo, respectively. The sacrifice of the flesh ritual also requires you to complete the second crusade through Darkwood before it opens.

All other rituals open through the doctrines.

All rituals in the cult of the lamb

ritual of the follower’s ascent

Gives +15 to faith.

  • 75 bones
  • 1 subscriber

Alms for the poor

Followers receive loyalty.

+10 to faith.

  • 50 coins

foster Ritual

+30 to faith.

  • 25 bones
  • 25 lumber

Ritual of brainwashing

+100 to faith for two days.

  • 25 mental mushrooms

Ritual of the fighting pit

+30 to faith.

  • 75 bones
  • 2 subscribers

Festive ritual

The hunger of the cult is satisfied.

+25 to faith.

  • 75 bones

The funeral

+20 to faith.

  • 5 Camellia
  • 75 bones

Glory through labor

Followers do not sleep for two days.

-15 Faith.

  • 75 bones

Ritual of Holy Day


+80 to faith.

  • 75 bones

informer of loyalty

-15 to faith.

  • 75 bones

Ritual of Enlightenment

Followers give 20% more devotion.

-10 faith

  • 75 bones

Ritual of enrichment

Followers give gold.

-20 faith.

  • 125 bones

ritual post

Followers will not eat within three days.

  • 75 bones

Ritual of the crop

All seeds immediately become ready for harvesting.

  • 75 bones

ritual of the generosity of the ocean

It will be caught twice as much as the usual amount of fish.

  • 75 bones

Ritual of Resurrection

Allows you to resurrect the follower.

  • 150 bones

sacrifice of the flesh

-10 to faith

  • 75 bones
  • 1 subscriber

Glory to the construction

All buildings under construction will be immediately completed.

  • 75 bones

Tax inspector

-15 to faith

  • 75 bones

Wedding Ritual

+30 to faith

  • 75 bones

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