Amazon today will announce an offer to buy EA, anticipating Apple and Disney (updated)

Eye because another huge bombing is about to occur in the video game industry. Amazon will announce imminently that it has presented a formal offer to buy Electronic Arts (EA) , one of the most important and lucrative sector firms, which has such powerful licenses as FIFA or Apex Legends.

This is reported from the medium USA Today, referring to GLHF sources. Apparently, Apple, Disney and Amazon have been behind EA for a few weeks, but the signature of the company of Jeff Bezos seems to have taken the lead with an offer.

A millionaire purchase

Amazon, one of the companies with the greatest purchasing power in the world, is making several movements in this regard. In this way, I would use its ecosystem to create more content related to EA games, being the stage for movements transmedia with television series or movies of licenses with great potential and very powerful, such as Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Dead Space .

There is still a long process, that will begin when Amazon makes its intentions official , something that has not happened at the moment. Neither from the acquiring nor since EA have spoken about it, but we will be attentive because it can be a more than important movement within the industry. In the aforementioned source they indicate that the announcement will take place today.

We will also have to wait to know the figures of the operation, because they could be similar to those of the purchase of Bethesda by Xbox, which was marked at 7.5 billion dollars.


According to CNBC, Amazon would not make an offer by Electronic Arts.

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